I have everything needed for your torture and my pleasure.

In  my sessions ill be choosing each one of you according to your qualities as submissives.

Seeking for a harem of slave bitches and sluts that will learn to behave like such.

Your mind, your body, your will no longer belong to you.

You will be subjetc to my whims, orders and desires. You shall be my slave!

That way you will discover more facets inside the world of delivery and dubmission, provoding that you trust Me.

You have nothing to fear, I like taking care of my belongings, then you will realize
you can count on me as the son with his mother or a soldier with his general

At my feet, service and whims I grant you to discover and become what you dream and crave.
Recreating thoes escenes with which My excitement increases causing and absolute and perfect delivery in you.

You will advance on your limits, if you are what you say!

All my sessions will be agreed and respecting the limits.

This is a non exhaustive list of techniques and practices you will be able to endure and enjoy at My feet. Contact for more detailed information:

Abrasion play
Age play / Adult Baby
Anal / Strap-on play
Animal training
Bondage (Light to heavy)
Breath play
Boot, shoe and feet worship
Chastity Control
Corporal punishment (Mild to Severe)
Corsets & Lingerie
Forced Bi
Gags & Hoods
Human furniture training

Interrogation & Torture scenarios
Kidnap scenarios
Knife play
Latex, rubber & PVC
Maid / Sissy training
Medical play
Roleplay (Extended)
Sensation play
Sensory deprivation and override
Slave training (Initiation to extreme)
Smoking fetish & torture
Spanking (Mild to extreme)
Tease & Denial
Total power exchange

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