Femme Fatale.

Cultured, feminine, sensual, elegant, very perverse and Cruel.

Domination!! It is the power of controlling any situation by means of Intelligence, seduction and Female Strenght.

I love BDSM, Being primarily Fetishist & Sado-Masochistic.
My Domination is a sentence so sweet and sensual as perverse and cruel.
You will deliver to Me your body and mind and I will lead you into My exquisite Darkness.
Place you will never, ever want to scape from!!

Into My Realm and under My property your existence will be everything less boring.

For Me Domination is the fact that you admit My total Supremacy.

I want authentic delivery.  I want submissives who will be fascinated, mesmerized by My Divine Presence.

I like to make subdue and Dominate those men that are tired of supporting the power, and need and want to delegate it.

Those that simply are humble, small and of submissive condition for nature.

Simultaneously I am also ready to Teach you, to Guide you and to Introduce you into the wonderful art of delivery & BDSM.

You, My submissives, are those whose attitude towards My sensuality, essence and presence
made Me realize, see and Feel the power I Hold.

The same power that I Dictate and Impose with creativity, truth, sobriety, and Exquisiteness.

I like to dominate, punish and control.

Many years of learning the art of Female Domination before being professional, I've also lived in 24/7 with slaves, human-pets, masochistics....

You must not  be confused. I'm in the lifestyle  and the fact that I recreate My fantasies by means of a tribute, Won't subdue Me to you. In My Realm I make the Rules and I hold the Power.

I will be your Goddess! I have the power to Dominate! I have the control. I turn to reality all My dark and perverse fantasies. I'm a Mistress.

As a teenager I imagined how it would be to sodomize a man without knowing whether there were toys like harnesses or strap-ons. Turning in to one of My most exciting practices... Despite having many more favorites.

Soon you will see how My punishments seem fair. If I slapped you, you will kiss My hand. If I kick you! you will kiss My boot.

Dómina Ira Von Mesmer.

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