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                                              Discipline is the best friend of a man, 
                               because it takes you to the deepest longings of your heart

                           The man its what it should be, through education, through discipline

                                                                  At My feet                       

I pursue & defend My Right, whatever it takes, if I din't, I not only neglect My Right, but the Right itself

                                                           Dómina Ira Von Mesmer 
                                                                Shiny Tight Latex                  

                         Greatness is the ability to live acording to the three fundamental values:
                                                     Reason, Purpouse & self-steem

Power is the prestige of a person who governs or exercises control by legitimacy, quality & competence        

                The authority belongs to who makes the change not who undergoes the change.                                                      The authority is essentially active not passive.
                               In order to Dominate, you must have a large and unified character,
                                                  you must be fiercely sure of your self, 
             and the passion, intelligence and stubbornness in harmony will bring you the power for it
                 I am who I am based Im what I am not on the basis of what others want Me to be. 

Dómina Ira Von Mesmer 1 Class & Distintion
The discipline has the potencial of creating future miracles it self. Without Discipline there is no life.
                             Discipline is the price you have to pay to bring a vision to reality
                                   Discipline is the brige between goals and success

                                                          Dómina Ira Von Mesmer
                                                                  Latex/ Fetish
Don't forget that a good Dómina is The One who illuminates the darkest corners of the soul

                      Everyone is goin to hurt you. You just got to find the One's worth suffering for

 Dómina Ira Von Mesmer.    
 Wardrove/Vestuario: Touch Me. Madrid   

Fotografía de CepasMad. Con Dómina Ira Von Mesmer & sumisa


Fotografía de CepasMad. Con Dómina Ira Von Mesmer

Dómina Ira Von Mesmer 
 Vestuario: Touch Me. Madrid 



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  1. Maravillosa Ama. Suerte el sumiso que ocupe un sitio a sus pies

  2. Diosa divina, gracias por bajar a la tierra a vernos a nosotros mortales

  3. La genuina y más adaptable para todos